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Hello Loribreeders, keepers, petowner, lorikeet fans or birders.

Thanks for visiting my website!

I hope you like it, if not, you can always contact me and tell me what you would like to see different.

I'm still looking for more good pictures, certainly from the wild, skins in museums,... , but also looking for articles about breeding, food, Healthcare, ect... and also from birders about their fieldtrips and search for lories and their information about status in the wild.  So if you want to write something , it is always welcome.

With this site I want as much as possible, bring information about all themes about lories / keets, the good but also the bad things. So you don't have to search on many sites , but all on 1 site.

Of course I will credit you when you write something or send photos.

All pictures are copyrighted , the most are my own pictures, others I have recieved from other breeders or photographers. I don't mind that my own pictures will be shared (as long as my copyright is with it), but not the photos from other people, it has taken a very long time to search and ask permission. When you do want to use it, ask permission of the owner.

I also have used a few without permission but did copyright it (when I know who take the picture), because I could not find the contactdetails of the owner to ask, but as they are good or special I did use it, if any of these photographers have problems with it contact me and I remove it.

I want to thank all of the breeders and birders who give me approval to use their pictures, I managed to find some really rare ones.

A special thank you for Mehd Halaouate from Birding Indonesia, who have given many nice pictures and is also helping to release the illegal wild caught birds back to the wild, also a big thank you for the birders from Birdquest , Loïc Degen from Kasoar Travel, and Peter Odekerken, who also sell Dvd's, which you can order by me or directly from Peter.

The information I have taken are from HBW, IUCN , Wikipedia, Hancock house encyclopedia of the lories from Rosemary Low (still the best book available about lories), The international lorijournaal, other breeders, personal experience, and other that I found on internet.

The taxonomy I use is the one from HBW, but have written also the new taxonomy from Schweizer.

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