Charmosyna multistriata Rothschild, 1911

striated or streaked lorikeet                   




W & C New Guinea on S slopes of Central Ranges, from Snow mountains E to Crater Mountain (Chimbu Province of Papua New Guinea); known from few localities.


Not globally threatened. CITES II. Currently considered Near Threatened.

Suspected to be declining slowly, owing to habitat degradation and the effects of severe weather.


  • length: 20.5cm (8 inch)
  • weight: 35-45 gr.

Easy to reconize because of the longer and 2 coloured bill, grey at the base, orange to the top.

The plumage is in various shades of green, brighter on the forehead, troat and sides of the head.

The underparts are darkgreen, heavily streaks with yellow, around the neck the streaks are more greenish then yellow.

Dark-brown patch on the nape and hindcrown, followed by a very small yellow patch, and sometimes tips with red or orange.

Tail olive-green above, tipped with dusky yellow and marked with red at the base. The underside is greenish-yellow.

Red feathers surrounding the vent.

Iris is orange with an inner ring of grey-brown.

Feet and cere are grey.


maybe a few single birds, but no breeding no more.


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