Charmosyna rubronotata Wallace, 1862

red-spotted or red-fronted lorikeet                   

Subspecies and Distribution:

Charmosyna rubronotata rubronotata (Wallace, 1862) – W Papuan Island (Salawati Island) and N New Guinea from Vogelkop to Adelbert mountains.


Charmosyna rubronotata  kordoana (A. B. Meyer, 1874) – Biak Island, in Geelvink Bay (NW New Guinea).


Not globally threatened. CITES II. Least Concern.


Charmosyna rubronotata rubronotata

red-spotted or red-fronted lorikeet


Length: 17cm (6,7 inch)

Weight: 30-35 gr.


Red forehead, ear coverts are purple-blue.

The upperparts are darkgreen, the underparts, incl. the lores and cheeks are lightgreen.

the undrwingcoverts and sides of the breast are red.

The tail is darkgrey above and below it is pale orange.

Uppertail coverts are darkred, almost maroon.


Don't have the red on the forehead, sides and on the breast and underwing coverts.

But have some very fine greenish-yellow streaks on the cheek and ear coverts, which are yellow behind the eye.


Have the color of both sexes in the head, but only males have the red under the wing, when there is no red it's a female.



Charmosyna rubronotata  kordoana


Differs from the nominate because the males have a paler red forehead/crown.

And ear coverts are more blue and less purple.

Females don't have the bright yellow streaks behind the eye,  only the greenish-yellow streaks.


None in Europe, these pictures are from TeoPilus from Indonesia.


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