Charmosyna toxopei Siebers, 1930

Blue-fronted or Buru lorikeet                   




Buru, in S Moluccas


CRITICALLY ENDANGERED. CITES II. Restricted-range species: present in Buru

Population is very small, and likely to be decreasing given that its habitat is shrinking both in extent and quality.

This species had not been positively identified for many years despite several surveys of Buru, until two birds were photographed in November 2014.


  • length: 16cm (6,3 inch)
  • weight: no record

Mainly green.

Forepart of the crown blue.

The tail is green, narrowly tipped with dull yellow, the underside is dusky yellow with red markings at the base of the inner web.

Underparts and underwings are more yellowish-green. A yellow band across the underside of the secondaries.

Bill and legs orange.

The eye iris is yellow-orange.

Sexual dimorphism:

Female; the blue on the forehead fainter, and less extensive. The yellow on the secondaries are said to be more pronounced.



When you google for this species , you can find many photos, unfortunally they are not the blue-fronted lorikeet! But they are the blue-fronted mutation from the Trichoglossus moluccanus! There is a very big difference, only the 2 photos above are the true C. toxopei.


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