Charmosyna wilhelminae A. B. Meyer, 1874

pygmy lorikeet             




Highlands of W, C & E New Guinea from Arfak mountains (in Vogelkop Peninsula) East to Huon Peninsula and Owen Stanley Range.


Not globally threatened. CITES II, least concern.

The population is suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence for any declines or substantial threats.


  • Length: 13cm (5 inch)
  • weight: 20-28 gr.

Mid to hindcrown purple with narrow blue streaks.

Hindneck stained brownish.

Thin yellow streaks on breast.

The tail is green, marked with red.

The plumage is mainly green, paler on the face, forehead and underparts.

Orange bill, and orange-red iris.

The feet are grey.

sexual dimorphism:

Male, underwing coverts red, and on the underside of the flightfeathers a broad wide band of red.

Lower back red and rump dark-purple-blue.

female, lacks all the red in the lower back and wings.

The lesser underwing coverts are limegreen, the greater underwing coverts are dark (more or less black).

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