Double mutations.

Now that you hopefully understand the basics of how the different  mutations inherits .  Which is not so difficult, when you understand it, or use the formula I have writing , it does get difficult when you pair up 2 or more different mutations together. Which can lead to some very nice colour combinations.

Now this is very difficult to explain because of the different types of inherited. But let's try. I'm going to use names of mutations because otherwise it get even more complicated , but you can change the name in the colours you want to pair up.

When pairing up always remember how it inherits, to know the outcome.

Also here is the percent theoretically , in practice it is often different, unless the outcome is 100% then it cannot be something else

Autosomal recessive mutation  x Autosomal recessive mutation

Autosomal recessive mutation x the Autosomal Dominant mutation

Autosomal Dominant mutation  X the Autosomal Dominant mutation

Autosomal recessive mutation  X  Sex-linked recessive mutation

Sex-linked recessive mutation X Autosomal Dominant mutation


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