Eos semilarvata Bonaparte, 1850

Blue-eared Lory                   




Mountains of Seram


Not globally threatened. CITES II.

A common species in its limited range, the blue-eared lory is evaluated as Least Concern, on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

However it is declining due to unsustainable levels of exploitation.


  • Length 25 cm (9,8 inch)
  • weight 120 g.

Mainly bright red.

Violet-blue ear coverts and upper cheeks which extends downward on the side of face.

Abdomen and undertail coverts are also violet-blue.

The primaries are black with a red speculum, the secondaries are tipped with black, and the tertials (nearest the wing) are blue suffesed with blue.

The tail is above brownish red, and below dull red and near the tip dusky.

Orange beak and iris.

The cere, skin around the eye and feet are grey.


rare, and I think even declining.


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