Lorius hypoinochrous G. R. Gray, 1859

purple-bellied lory, Eastern black-capped lory

Subspecies and Distribution:

Lorius hypoinochrous hypoinochrous (G. R. Gray, 1859) – Misima Island and Tagula Island (C Louisiade Archipelago).

Lorius hypoinochrous devittatus (E. J. O. Hartert, 1898) – Bismarck Archipelago, SE New Guinea (E from Huon Bay), Trobriand Island, D’Entrecasteaux Archipelago and Woodlark Island.

Lorius hypoinochrous rosselianus (Rothschild & E. J. O. Hartert, 1918) – Rossel Island (E Louisiade Archipelago).


Not globally threatened. CITES II.

According to IUCN they are least concern.

The population is stable.

Lorius hypoinochrous hypoinochrous

purple-bellied lory


  • Length: 28 cm (11 inch) females a bit smaller.
  • Weight: 180-240g.

Mainly red, paler on the breast.

A broad but faint collar extending from the lower cheeks to the upperbreast is washed with dull purple, and most of this part is faintly shaft-streaked.

Black forehead and lores to occiput.

Wings are green.

The thighs, lower abdomen and undertail coverts are dark purple.

Underwing coverts are red, with the outermost feathers being partly black, and there is an extensive yellow band across the underside of the wings.

The tail is red above hidden by the tail coverts, the exposed area is dark blue - green.

The underside of the tail is dull olive - yellow.

The most important thing this bird have, which make him easy to reconize is the white cere!

Orange beak.

the feet and skin around the eye are dark grey.

The iris is orange-brown.


None, probably only the subspecies devittatus is in captivity.

Lorius hypoinochrous devitattus

Fergusson purple-bellied lory

Differs from the nominate by the greater underwing coverts lacking the black margins.


common and good breeding results are being made, so probably they will stay in aviculture. (In Europe!, elsewere none or extremely rare).


7 - 8 mm

Lorius hypoinochrous rosselianus

Rossel purple-bellied lory

Differs from the nominate by the breast which is same dark red as upper abdomen.




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