Chalcopsitta cardinalis G. R. Gray, 1849

cardinal lory           

Schweizer replace the cardinal lory with Pseudeos because of the DNA results which resemble with Pseudeos , and not with Chalcopsitta, Pseudeos cardinalis.  Also N. Becker who also examen the species by DNA agree this species don't belong in Chalcopsitta but in Pseudeos.

However I use the taxonomy from HBW so I have placed it for now with Chalcopsitta.




Islands E of New Ireland S through Solomons to Makira (San Cristobal).


Not globally threatened. CITES II.

According to IUCN red list.

Least concern.

The population is suspected to be stable in the absence of evidence for any declines or substantial threats.


  • Length: 31 cm (12,2 inch)
  • Weight: 180 -230 gr.

Generally red, darker at the wings and back ,more brown-red.

The feathers of the underparts are red, edged with pale yellow.

The bend of the wing and underwing coverts are also edged with light grey.

Primairies are bronze-orange.

tail is brownish red.

The upper mandible is started at the base with black (in most birds) , followed by orange.

The lower mandible is orange.

The skin around the eye is darkgrey , but can also have some yellow as 1 of my females had.

The skin around the beak is yellow and darkgrey.

When kept inside the darkgrey is more light grey.

The iris is orange.

Feet are dark grey.



They where becomming rare, but a few years ago there have bin some new import, so now available as the import pairs are starting to breed.


I have seen 1 dilute  , which is light orange colored, I don't know who have bred it, and if it's still alive.


7 -8 mm


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