Trichoglossus forsteni Bonaparte, 1850

Scarlet-breasted Lorikeet or sunset or forsten lorikeet

Subspecies and Distribution:

Trichoglossus forsteni forsteni (Bonaparte, 1850) – W Lesser Sundas (Sumbawa).

Trichoglossus forsteni mitchellii (G. R. Gray, 1859) – Bali and W Lesser Sundas (Lombok).

Trichoglossus forsteni djampeanus (E. J. O. Hartert, 1897) – Tanahjampea, in Flores Sea.

Trichoglossus forsteni stresemanni (Meise, 1929) – Kalaotoa, in Flores Sea.

VULNERABLE. CITES II, is estimated to have a small population which is suspected to be undergoing moderately rapid population declines owing to trapping pressure for the wild bird trade.

It is therefore classified as Vulnerable. Decreasing!

T. forsteni (incorporating mitchelli, djampeanus and stresemanni) is found on the islands of Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Tanahjampea and Kalaotoa, Indonesia. An evaluation of the status of the taxa comprising the species indicates that the species may now no longer occur on Bali, has become extinct on Tanahjampea following trapping principally prior to 1990 and it is unclear if it persists on Kalaotoa (Eaton et al. 2015). On Lombok the species does still occur, with a recent observation of a flock of 18 above 1,500 m in 2015 (F. Rheindt per Eaton et al. 2015), though given the lack of other records for many decades it can be assumed that the population is likely to be small. Sumbawa may now be the stronghold of the species, and the species was suggested to be ‘secure’ (Eaton et al. 2015), and there is a large area of potentially suitable habitat remaining on the island.

Trichoglossus forsteni forsteni

Scarlet-breasted Lorikeet or sunset or forsten lorikeet


  • length: 24 cm (9,5 inch)
  • weight: 100-120 gr.

The head is very dark brown, except the forehead, which is darkblue.

Forehead and cheeks are shaft-streaked with violet-blue.

The breast is scarlet (red) without any barrings. abdomen violet. band to nape yellowish.

In the neck, dark-blue under the nape, some have almost no dark-blue-violet, and others have very much in the neck.

Beak orange.

iris orange-red

feet , cere and skin surrounding the eyes are grey.


not very common


6 mm

Trichoglossus forsteni mitchellii 

Mitchell's lorikeet


  • length: 23 cm (9 inch)
  • weight:90-100 gr.

Head and nape rich dark brown, with dark-olive green or green-brown feathers on the forehead.

grayish shaft-streaking on the head and cheeks, cheeks and throat are also dark brown.

The breast is scarlet (red) but a little lighter then the forsteni with narrow margins of bluish green or yellow.

The abdomen is dense purplish black.

In the pictures you can see very good the green on the head, when it don't have this green it's not a mitchell!

Sexual dimorphism:

Males have purer red breast then females, females breast feathers are being margined with green or yellow, or with some feathers entirely yellow.


very rare, but some breeders are trying to save this subspecies, so certainly not lost.


5,5 - 6 mm

Trichoglossus forsteni djampeanus

Djampea lorikeet


  • length: 25 cm (9.8 cm)
  • weight:

Head black with deep purple gloss, with some blue on the forehead.

The abdomen is also black with the purple gloss, and behind the collar is a big purple color, what we also can see sometimes in the forsteni nominate, only it's always in the djampea.

Very difficult to see the difference between the Djampea and the forsteni, so Forshaw say this subspecie is doubtfull.


Maybe a few single birds.


6 mm

Trichoglossus forsteni stresemanni 

Stresemann's lorikeet


  • Length 26-27 cm
  • weight 120 gr.

The forehead is darkblue with blue shaft-streaking and the back of the head is almost black. It ends in green just above the nape.

The abdomen is deep darkviolet almost black.

Chest is the most orange from this group, although sometimes the tips can be yellow.

The greenish-yellow collar is intermediate between that of the forsteni and mitchelli. Also under the collar also some darkblue.


Probably all gone, only a pair and a few female in Loro Parque.


6-6,5 mm


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