Trichoglossus johnstoniae E. J. O. Hartert, 1903

Mount-Apo lorikeet or Mindanao lorikeet                         




Population on Mt Malindang given subspecific name pistra, but character differences slight and intermediate birds now known from intervening areas.


Montane areas of W, C & S Mindanao, in SE Philippines.


Not globally threatened. Currently considered Near Threatened, and previously, Vulnerable. CITES II.

The species is probably secure but it is localised and scarce over its small range.

They are probably declining because of the ongoing logging and forest loss. But the population is not considered to be severely fragmented or restricted to a few locations, therefore classified as Near Threatened.


  • Length: 16 cm (6,3 inch)
  • Weigth: 40-50 g.

The forehead, throat and forepart of the cheeks dull rose-red.

A brown-maroon band which extends from the lores through the eye and across the nape.

The ear coverts are greenish-yellow.

The underparts are greenish-yellow margined with green. (which give a scaley  appearence.)

Underwing coverts are yellowish green, greener toward the edge of the wing. The first primairy is black and all except the first 3 have a large yellow patch on the middle of the inner webs.

Undertail and undertail coverts are yellowish-green.

The upperparts including the uppertail and crown of the head are green.

The beak is orange, with at the base of the upper mandible gray.

Feet, cere and skin surrounding the eye are grey.

The iris is brown.

Sexual dimorphism:

Males have a more brighter dull rose-red in the forehead. But also here best with DNA or Endoscopic, to find out the sexes.


Very rare, the almost disappeared but some new birds came in to Europe, which have given some youngsters, so the numbers are becomming bigger, but still very rare and very few bloodlines.


5 mm


1 darker green (misty / jade or?) bird existed in the Netherlands but died without breeding. He is stuffed so I will try to make a picture of it when I visit him.

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