Trichoglossus rubritorquis Vigors and Horsfield, 1827

red-collared lorikeet                             




N Australia from Kimberley E to Gulf of Carpentaria; introduced to Kisar, E of Timor.

Not globally threatened. CITES II


  • Length:30 cm (12 inch)
  • Weight:125-140 gr.

The whole head is bright blue with shaft-streaking light blue.

Unbarred orange upperbreast.

the same orange in the nuchal band. under the nuchal band a blue nape.

The abdomen is bottle green, appearing almost black.

The rest is green.

Orange beak and iris

Feet, cere and skin surrounding the eyes are grey.


Most mutations are hybrizations from the scaly-breasted or swainson (rainbow) lorikeet. As the lutino, greygreen and dilute.

Some pure are;  Pied, and  Faded  (bred by Franky Verhaegen in Belgium see photos born with red eyes but changed after a few weeks to dark, pale feet, and was a male so not a sex-linked mutation, therefore I think it's faded) I also have seen this mutation in NZ.


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