Trichoglossus weberi Büttikofer, 1894

Weber's lorikeet or Flores Lorikeet or Leaf Lorikeet     






Not globally threatened. Currently considered Near Threatened. CITES II.

A moderately small population, which is inferred to be undergoing moderately rapid declines owing to trapping pressure and habitat loss. It has therefore been classified as Near Threatened, but further information on population size, trends and threats may lead to a re-evaluation of its status.


  • length: 25cm (9.8 inch)
  • weight: 85 gr.

The head, sides of the neck and throat midgreen with brighter green shaft-streaks.

Feathers of the forehead are faintly tipped with blue.

The nuchal collar is greenish yellow, also the upper breast.

Abdomen and undertail coverts are darker green with some light yellowish green markings, especially on the thighs and area surrounding the vent.

Greenish yellow underwing coverts.

Underside of the tail olivegreen.

The rest green.

Orange beak and iris.

Feet, cere and skin surrounding the eyes are grey.


Rare, also here are some breeders trying to save them, the numbers are getting again slowly higher.


5,5 - 6 mm

Skins in museum:

video skin in museum


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