Vini Kuhlii  Vigors, 1824

Rimatara or Kuhl's lorikeet           

Or according Schweizer it is not Vini but Coriphilus.

Coriphilus kuhlii.




Rimatara, in Tubuai Island (French Polynesia).

Introduced to Teraina (Washington), Tabuaeran (Fanning) and Kiritimati (Christmas), in N Line Island (Kiribati), and to Atiu, where the species was present, as in other S Cook Island, in prehistoric times.



This species qualifies as Endangered because it has a very small distribution across five very small islands, and appears to be undergoing an overall continuing slow decline owing to habitat loss and perhaps depredation by black rats.



  • 19 cm (7.5 inch)
  • estimated 55gr.

Mainly green above , tinged with olive on the mantle, and scarlet below.

Feathers of the crown are elongated, green with paler green shaft-streaking.

The longer, narrow feathers of the nape are purplish- blue.

The lower back, rump, flanks, upper and undertail coverts are an unusual shade between green and yellow.

Wings are mainly darkgreen, the primaries are blackish, with blue on the outer web.

The entire underparts from the lores till the small patch of purple on the abdomen are scarlet.

Thighs are dark purple.

The tail is irregulary marked, green at the tip, dark purple on the outer web, red on the inner web. Below dull crimson.

Bill and feet are orange.

Iris is grey with yellow inner ring.



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