Iggino Van Bael


igginovb @ gmail . com  (without the gaps)

But please don't use this mail for asking for birds, certainly if you are not living in Europe.

You can use it if you have pictures or want to write an article for my website, or have a comment about it.

About me 

Hi, I am a loribreeder from Belgium (Europe).

My native language is Dutch, so if anything is wrong spelled, you can always contact me, to correct me.

Already 40 years old, married with my beautiful wife An Vandeperre and having 1 great daughter Femke.

My hobbies are of course birds :) 

Keeping birds I got from my father and grandfather who also keep/kept birds.

Lories and lorikeets I keep now more then  15 years,  some species have bred, others not. So I'm certainly not a master in lory breeding but I hope some people can learn a bit from it.

But I can say that I bred with succes 13 species for the moment, and a few mutations.

In the past I kept 30 pairs, but I sold my house (and needed to sell the birds), now I started again, but changed my mind about keeping as much as possible , but less and in bigger aviaries. So now I only can keep 7 pairs. And yes, I sometimes regret it that I only can keep 7 pairs, but when I am cleaning I am happy I only have 7 pairs.

I also started with another hobby, photographing birds.

First only captive birds, but now from this year also in the wild. I hope someday to search lories and lorikeets in the wild, but now for the moment only practice with the local birds around here.

Fishing (catch and release) I also did but now no more, as I don't have the time no more because when it is good weather I go search birds, which is more fun.

Any way, if I have some spare time , and not doing the above things, or doing something with my family, then I work on this site.

I hope you can learn a bit from it.

It is not always what you learned about species / subspecies, because I have found out that not everything is true, or some subspecies no longer exist or subspecies are no longer a subspecies but a separated species.

It is also very difficult which taximony to use, I have choosen the taxinomy from HBW (Handbook of the Birds of the World) which also use IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species).

But I also have written the taxinomy from Schweizer, but in my opinion in both are still mistakes.

Any way you stand open for it , or not, I personally don't mind.

But now you also can see another side of it aswell.

My aviary

My greygreen swainson lorikeet

My rarest breed was this whiskered lorikeet, Oreopsittacus arfaki.

My pair stella lorikeets

Weber lorikeet

Another rare breed which have bin dissapeared in captivity is the greenrumped red flanked lorikeet. Charmosyna placentis subplacens.

1 of my pairs mutation swainson lorikeets

My inside avairies, all practical for easy cleaning.

I also bred a new mutation from the Trichoglossus moluccanus from a normal pair. A recessive mutation, greygreen or darkgreen?

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